I will help improve your company’s profitability.
    • If you battle to tell your story or get your message through to your employees, clients, readers or customers, I can help.
    • I am available to speak at your functions, or for your organization.
    • I provide accuracy, meticulous attention to detail and tight, concise prose.
    • I offer a new and innovative approach to many of our social and political issues.
    • I offer unique, refreshing content for your custom website.
    • If you want a book written, proofread, or edited, I can help.
    • I bring years of research experience to your project
    • I have a breadth of knowledge gleaned from decades of first hand experience and a voracious appetite for knowledge.


I specialize in speaking about a new economic environmental vision for our nation and our planet. This topic is particularly close to my heart and sets out a plan for economic fairness and equity. This plan will ensure that those who consume or use a greater share of resources will pay directly for that usage.

This economic vision will have a profound and positive impact on our environment. My speeches will show your company the way to a sustainable and profitable future.
I can also show your company how the solution to gun violence can also be very profitable with the correct amount of lobbying, while allowing for the freedom to own firearms.

Conflict Resolution

I can provide solutions to political or social obstacles that many people may find intractable and difficult to overcome. I can lead brainstorming sessions that arrive at cooperative agreements that benefit all sides in disputes.

As an accomplished and well-spoken writer, I can provide insightful, rich content that will improve your company’s position in your industry.

I can provide you with well crafted prose that reflects your position on the issues important to you.

If your website requires articles written in a timely manner, I will provide that service for you.

I have been employed in the computer field for much of my career. I will use my design, analysis and programming skills to produce technical documents that reflect the strengths of your information systems.