Ever since I could talk, I envisioned a world in which people could work together and acknowledge their essential humanity. I believe that we occupy this planet together.  We also share this planet with an enormous variety of life. I believe that we should have respect for all life, regardless of what it is.

We need to find ways to nurture that life while supporting our own lives. We cannot continue to believe that we exist in a separate sphere from the life around us. We are an integral part of the web of life. We need to accept that fact.

We face a future brimming with promise, but also filled with seemingly intractable problems.  Environmental destruction and climate change. Political, religious and social differences. Terrorism, and gun violence. How can we face those challenges and find solutions?

My overriding passion is to embrace our world and recognize the vital role that all life plays on Earth. Life is so rare in our solar system, and quite probably, the Universe. We should nurture all life and understand our responsibility to ensuring the continuum of life.

I started this speaker page and my podcast to start a conversation about innovation. I believe that we can solve every obstacle with innovative thinking. We are trapped in a routine of our own choosing, unable to escape. Only by re-imagining the box will we open ourselves to infinite possibilities.

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